What was that? And how do we avoid it next year?

Christmas is over © Olgaanfr | Dreamstime.com

Christmas tends to be a crazy time for many. Was it too crazy for you this year? Did you spend too much, do too much, and see too many people? Did you have more joy than stress, more fun than hurry, more to remember than to try to forget?

What about your bride? Don’t assume you know how it was for her, ask. Discuss it now while it’s fresh in your memory. Talk about what was good, what you would want to do again. Talk about what you would really like to never do again. Discuss how you want next year to go now. Then write down what you decide and put it where you will find it next year – stuck to the top of the Christmas boxes, or as a calendar event on your phone maybe. Trust me,  eleven months from now you won’t remember as well as you think you will.

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Image Credit: © Olgaanfr | Dreamstime.com

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