A Challenge

Double dog dare © Vitaly Titov | Dreamstime.com
We dare you!

I’d like to challenge you to make a change next year. You decide what the change is; just make it something your bride wants or needs you to change.

Decide what that change would look like, what you would do differently, what you would stop doing, what you would start doing. Get a good picture in your mind of how you would be if you made that change. Then start working to match that picture.

One more thing – do not tell you bride what you are doing. Don’t even hint you are trying to change something, just do it. If you have chosen something she wants and needs, and you do it well, she will come to you and ask what is going on. That is when you tell her you love her and you want to be a better husband.

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Image Credit: © Vitaly Titov | Dreamstime.com

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