Ready to clean up and pack up?

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Christmas and New Year’s can bring a lot of mess. There’s clean up, taking down decorations, and packing things in the attic/basement/garage to be done. These things are common causes of frustration for wives – either because they get stuck with the majority of it, or it does not get done until long after they would like it done. (” Lights been up so long might as well leave ‘em up fer next year.” is not something most women want to hear!)

So don’t wait for her, jump in and start cleaning on Sunday. Serve her now, and she might serve you later.

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Image Credit: © Saje |

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One Comment on “Ready to clean up and pack up?

  1. Common frustration for wives, maybe, but let’s not forget those Husbands who would like to see things cleaned up and packed up but simmer with frustration as the debris just collects from a wife who can’t/won’t pickup, sort, or throw away. We have to learn what is important enough to confront, and when to let things slide, and sometimes submit our “need” for an orderly house to the greater need of a harmonious marriage. Just sayin.

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