Who do you want to be 366 days from now?

Who will you be in 2013? © Laurent Renault | Dreamstime.com

Who do you want to be the end of next year? How do you want to change, to better yourself? Along the same lines, how would your bride like you to change? What changes could you make that would result in her being happier, more in love with you, more secure, even more wanting sex with you? The next few days I will discuss a few areas that are important to most wives. Be honest with yourself as you read – do you see yourself in what I say? 

I wrote a couple of series about change this last year. Others may not believe you can change, and some don’t really want you to change, but you can change. Start by choosing to change, as that choice is ultimately what determines if you succeed or fail.

Note: It’s leap year, that’s why 366 days.

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Image Credit: © Laurent Renault

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