Change: Start with God and you

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I have heard many times in my life that people don’t really change. Apparently many believe this to be true. It may be their experience, but I have both seen and experienced real, significant, and permanent changes in myself and others. I was once very judgmental and tended towards legalism. I suspect some of that still shows here and there at times, but I am no longer that person. It does not take effort to not be like that because I am really different.

I credit my changes to the power of God working in my life. Most of the real, long term changes I have seen in others also result from a close walk with the Lord. I won’t say it’s impossible without Him, but it certainly is far more difficult and less common. Beyond this, the Lord helps me to see what needs to be changed. As I walk with Him and study His Word, I see in myself things that I come to dislike, even hate. This gives me both direction and cause for change. I then enter into prayer, seeking how I might stop what I hate and start doing what I have come to see as good and right. 

If you have a relationship with Jesus, make Him the starting place for change. Don’t just seek His help to change, seek His wisdom about what to change, and what needs to be dealt with first.

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Image Credit: © Dennis Owusu-ansah |

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