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Last summer I was tagged by several marriage bloggers to do the 7 links challenge. As I was in the midst of leaving for a three-month trip, I put it off – then forgot it. However, I had done a stub article, and I came across it this week. So, here it is.

After ten years of blog posts, it’s impossible to remember them all, and far more than I would like to admit have faded from my mind. I had fun going over some old posts, and I cheated by changing a couple of the post criteria. 

  • Your most popular post: According to Google analytics, Sitting between her legs is the most viewed post since moving to this format in early 2009. The most read page is Sexual Massage , which written by me for The Marriage Bed more than a decade ago.
  • Your most controversial post: This was a no brainier! Lord of a revolution? I think not got me a huge number of comments – many of them negative. I stand by the post, but it’s part of why I tend to avoid politics here!
  • Your most asked for post: Pray by the day is the post for which I get the most e-mail requests. It is also the very first post I did, and the most repeated post.
  • Your most helpful post: The sexual reality of most women was the first of half a dozen posts I have done explaining significant differences between male and female sexual arousal and desire. I’ve had a lot of comments and e-mails from women saying that these thoughts have set them free from trying to be what they are not, and that has allowed them to start wanting and enjoying sex. I’ve also heard from a number of men who found applying these things make their sex life much better.
  • A post whose success surprised you: This was a tough one. A few times a year I do something that I think is barely good enough to post, and then I get a great response! (Of course, there are also those I think are barely good enough and after them, I hear crickets!) I also do posts that I think are great, but don’t expect anyone to care about, or to be willing to say they care about – and then I get a lot of comments, or links. A recent post in that second category is Would you speak up to stop a divorce? 
  • A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved: The sex sin the church ignores  is one of those posts I did not expect to go very far – but think it should have. I have seen it tweeted a few times, but it’s not made the splash I would like.
  • The post that you are most proud of: This isn’t a post, but the links to other blogs that I do every Sunday. This has helped many people find other outstanding sources of information. I also like seeing more and more marriage blogs doing the same thing.

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2 Comments on “7 Links Challenge

  1. I just read your post on “The sex sin the church ignores” and I was not dissappointed. I guess I missed this one. To say the least, I am in virtually the same scenerio you described. It has gotten to point where I don’t know if I can trust my Church, even though they are supposively biblically based. I would have to call what they are doing “spiritual abuse” at this time.

    In any case, I am looking for any materials you could provide on this issue. I would really like articles and books from trusted publishers, but honestly I’ll take anything. The blogs tend to be less trusted. Send it all, I have time to look through it.

    There is a small change the Church will repent but I would like to have some resources. I am also willing to share more anonomysly if you want to have more information as well as the materials they provide for “Christian Counselling”.

    I appreciate the concern on this topic. You probably have only scratched the surface of the profound impact.

  2. @Take Two – I don’t know of any good articles or sources for this. I’ve seen a few other blogs mention it (laugh your way to a good marriage for one) but that’s about it. This is my p0int – it’s being ignored!

    I do know pastors and churches who get it and preach it, but they are the minority.

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