She needs respect too

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Mutual love and respect

I fully agree with Emerson Eggerichs that most men are desperate for respect from their brides, while women hunger for love from their husbands (see Love & Respect: The Love She Most Desires; The Respect He Desperately Needs). However, this does not mean a wife has no need for respect. I have known women who were dying for respect from their husband, and whose marriages were dying from their husband not giving them respect.

The husband who clearly disrespects his bride is a horrible person, abusive and cold. But, what about the man who shows neither respect nor disrespect? Should the lack of disrespect be taken as proof of respect? One could just as well take the lack of respect at proof of disrespect. While this situation is not as bad as open disrespect, it is hardly right, and it does deep harm to a woman.

Yes, your love is probably more important to her than your respect, but she needs your respect all the same. She needs your respect in private, and she needs your respect in public. She needs you to make it clear to the world you both love and respect her. Anything less limits her desire to be with you, to love you, and to respect you.

In short, if you want respect, show some respect.

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