Twenty seven years and counting

Paul and Lori kissing © Paul H. Byerly
You may STOP kissing the bride now.

Today is our 27th wedding anniversary.

The pictures here will show we really liked each other when we got married. I mean we REALLY liked each other.

However, no matter how much love you have, there are difficulties. On lists of “top 10 divorce risks,” we scored 6 to 8, so we had plenty to overcome. But we were determined to make it work, and we sought the Lord’s help.


Paul and Lori kissing © Paul H. Byerly
Everyone has left.
Paul and Lori kissing © Paul H. Byerly
We’re turning out the lights
It was rough – especially the second year. But, we kept at it, and God is faithful. The third year was better, and each year after was better still. By the fifth year, when our son was born, we thought we had it good.

At seven years, it was even better, and we realised as good as it was, there was a great deal more we could have. We set out to find all marriage could be. We started to get training not only for our marriage, but also so we could help others.

Just before our twelfth anniversary, we started The Marriage Bed. At sixteen and a half years, The Generous Wife and Generous Husband blogs were born.

Paul and Lori kissing © Paul H. Byerly
No, toast, don’t kiss.
Paul and Lori kissing © Paul H. Byerly
Would someone else cut the cake?
At twenty years, we were amazed at how good our life together was. In every way possible it was better than we had thought was possible – and we could see it could still get much better.
Paul and Lori running for the car © Paul H. Byerly
“Get a room?” What a great idea!

Today we are very happy. I honestly think we would be happy alone on a beach, growing old together. I hope we get occasional tastes of that, but I suspect we will stay busy sharing what we have learned, and learning more. To paraphrase, “with great knowledge comes great responsibility to share”! Besides, while we could be happy without the ministry, we do enjoy it. Being a small part of a couple have a better marriage and/or sex life is one of the greatest things in the world, and I thank God He has chosen to use us in this way.

To my bride, my gemstone, my sweet Lori – Thanks for not giving up on me, or on yourself. Thanks for the integrity that kept you going when it seemed hopeless. Thanks for letting God work with you even when it hurt so much, and thanks for trusting God to work on me and all my stuff. Thanks for learning to enjoy sex, and for how wonderful you make it. Thanks for being an awesome mother to our kids – they are far better people because of you. Thanks for twenty-seven years, which have had far more good than bad, and for a future so bright I need sunglasses to look at it.

Thanks Lori – you’re the best!

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Image Credit: © Paul H. Byerly

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17 Comments on “Twenty seven years and counting

  1. Happy Anniversary. The two of you are gifts to this world as it relates to the topic of marriage. There are few others that I esteem as high when dealing with this area of life. It’s you guys and my pastors who also have the most amazing marriage and ability to articulate it to others (Check them out here: Yours and Lori’s are the only blogs that I NEVER miss reading daily – never! Thanks

  2. Congrats and Praise the Lord! Indeed His grace and love prove richer, deeper, wider, higher and more all-sufficient each day of each week of each month of each year! Thanks Paul and Lori for stepping up, not just to the Wedding Altar 27 years ago, but also to the altar where you gave yourselves to Christ the Lord for time and eternity. “Behold What Manner of Love the Father Has Given Unto Us!”

  3. Congratulations!
    What an important work you do by showing that a marriage not only can last but get even better with time. Our world needs it so keep counting: isn’t it a fun chalenge?

  4. Happy Anniversary Paul & Lori! I hope you have great sex all week, fancy fun & delicious food and thank God for the bad times as well as the good. Here’s to another 27!

    The Recipe Man

  5. Congradulations on making little decisions that enabled you to be obedient to God’s desire for mankind for these 27 years. We pray that the next 27 years will be excitingly blessed because of the seeds you have sown these first 27 years.

  6. Congratulations Paul and Lori! How fun to see all the kissing that has gone on through the years. 27 years and still kissing… that’s the way it’s supposed to be! May this day be especially blessed by God and may your future be even brighter because of your love for each other and for God. Thank you for the work you do. It’s so very, very, very important! Keep persevering and keep finding ways to generously love each other even more. Congratulations!!!

  7. Happy anniversary, Paul. Loved the pics. I think great marriages do overcome a lot to get there. My happy marriage has been through some awful times, but with God’s blessing and our working at it, we are there. I love the idea of growing old with my husband too. (But not too soon. I still plan to dye every hair that dares to turn gray before its time!) Blessings for a wonderful day for you and Lori!

  8. Congrats!!! And THANK YOU so much for ‘The Generous Husband’ & ‘The Generous Wife’. We are involved in marriage ministry and use your posts to encourage many people. They have been such a blessing to my husband and me as well. We thank God for you! PLEASE keep it up!

    • As usual, I am reading my email a day late. But honestly… God used this blog in his perfect timing today. Thank you for loving each other and giving life and excitement to marriage. There is so much out there that tells us different. BUT GOD… He shows us true love. Thanks for living that out, you are appreciated!

  9. As one of the followers of your bride’s blog, a big congratulations. Such a lovely post you have, and a wonderful relationship. Thank you for sharing it with us all. God bless you both!

  10. Happy anniversity! Lori i will be prayin for you guys to enjoy your anniversary as much as posible! U deserve it!

  11. What a joy it is to know you on this wedding anniversary! Thank you for your commitment to each other, to God and to help all marriages grow and succeed for the glory of God. We pray you won’t read any of these comments until tomorrow, and when you do you will be more encouraged to keep on for another few decades! We’re a bit ahead of you and we must tell you the view from our seat is wonderful! You’re going to love it!

  12. Happy Anniversary!! Ours is today as well! We are only 11 years behind you. Thanks for your daily words of wisdom. And here’s to many more!!

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