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I’m going to do a couple a bunch of posts for men who are separated or divorced, and for those who will find themselves there this year – many of whom have no idea it is coming. As a lead in to that, let me share a few notes from the sermon I heard today on 1 Peter 3:1-7

  • How we are called to treat our spouse is not dependent on what they do. This is true for both men and women.
  • Submission is not about greater and lesser.
  • Submitting to someone who is over you is being like Jesus – who submitted to the Father.
  • Seek to understand before you seek to be understood.
  • Real men are givers, not takers.
  • The danger for men is to feel more entitled to special treatment than to live out our call to die for our wife.

Tomorrow I will use a story shared in the sermon as a starting place for those of you facing divorce – be it in your future or past.

Important note if you are frustrated with your sex life: I know some of you would like an article you could send your wife to read that would give her a clue about sex. Sheila Wray Gregoire of to Love, Honor and Vacuum, and author of Saturday’s gets post, has just what you want! Her Monday post, entitled Why your husband wants you to read this marriage blog, starts with a short note explaining why you have sent your wife to the post, then it explains to her, woman to woman, why sex is important. It then invites her to read the 29 Days to Great Sex that starts on February 1st

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