Are you ready for Valentine’s?

A quick break from the divorce discussion to remind the holiday challenged that next Valentine’s is one of the big one’s for women. Since I’ve done a number of posts about this in the past, I am going to give links to some of those rather than reinventing the heart shaped wheel.

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Love your enemies – and your bride : My rewrite of Matt 5:39-47 for spouses.
I love her every day!: For those who argue against Valentine’s
Have your say on Valentine’s day : Some of you shared what you do on V-day – feel free to add to this.
Bride’s choice: If sex is part of the 14th …
Keep someone’s kids: Give a special gift to a young couple.
The write Valentine’s gift : A well done love letter is the ultimate Valentine’s gift.
Rub her the right way on Valentine’s : Massage – she will love it.
Breakfast in Bed: You need to do it at least once.
A Valentine’s getaway: Maybe the weekend after?
Buying lingerie without dying of embarrassment: A must read for the first time linger buying husband!

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Links to (the rest of the) blog posts that stood out to me this last week:

Romantic Act of the Day

A Day of Rest : Make it a real day of rest for her.
Watch Her Health: Is she so busy taking care of others she is neglecting her own health?
Would You do it all Again? : Why she asks questions like that, what it means, and what to do about it.
I Can’t Believe I Said That: Stop being an M1 Abrams Tank.
Passing Notes : Skip the phone, and write your text.

The Romantic Vineyard

Off The Air: Tom and Debi has a bit of technical trouble, and when the blog came back up the RSS feed did not – so I missed a couple weeks of entries!
Still: I bet I’m not the only one who really needs to hear this message!
Hit or Miss: No matter how long you are married, miscommunication happens.

Safe at home

Sometimes We Need to Just Stop and Breathe Again: This. YES!

Stupendous Marriage

Stupendous Marriage Show 031: Buckets and Donuts and Birth Control: The pods casts that Stu and Lisa do would be great conversation starters with your bride – download and listen together on a long car trip!
Feelings are Fickle: Feelings – it’s bad if they control us, and it’s bad if we ignore them.

…to Love Honor and Vacuum

Sheila has started her 29 days to great sex series. While this is aimed at women, you can pick up some good insight by reading along.
The Act of Marriage: How Making Love Brings Us Together
Starting Fresh: What Do You Think About Sex?
Love the Skin You’re In
Why Kissing Helps a Marriage

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