A day of remembrance

Feb 14 © Slayerspb | Dreamstime.comEvery year I hear more and more people (virtually all of them male) saying Valentine’s is too commercial, a made up holiday, just an excuse for companies to sell cards and candy, meaningless, and so on.

First the facts: February 14th was declared a holiday in 496AD to honour one (or more) of the martyrs named Valentine. Almost a thousand years later it started to be associated with romantic love, and from there it became a day for lovers to show their love with flowers, cards, and confections. The day was much as we know it now four hundred years ago, albeit not as big a commercial enterprise. So, while the retailers of the world have done what they do, they did not create this holiday!

The long and short of it is this day has been a day to express love for centuries. It has long been a day of remembrance for those in love. The Old Testament is full of days of remembrance, most of them celebrated with a feast. God seems to think it’s good for us to focus on certain things, and to do it on the same day each year. I think the love of a husband and wife qualifies to be remembered in this way, and it grieves me to see some dismissing it as commercial, or silly, or too much trouble.

I urge you to start seeing Valentine’s as a day to celebrate your marriage, and your mutual love. How you do so is up to you – the form of the celebration isn’t important, but the celebration is.

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Image Credit: © Slayerspb | dreamstime.com

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6 Comments on “A day of remembrance

  1. I love Valentine’s Day because it forces me to do for my wife and say to my wife what I would love to do and say every day and can’t because of finances and because of schedules. I can intentionally make her the priority on my schedule without feeling guilty about move other responsibilities out of first place.

  2. I think it is also fair to recognize the extraordinary amount of pressure and unrealistic expectations that the sheer volume and nature of the advertising places upon men. Frequently the day seems to be setup to cause men to fail and women to be disappointed. Seriously, how many of these adverts are about women doing something nice for their husbands?

    This is obviously not a reason to sit back and do nothing. If you want to do something nice for your wife but feel doomed to fail, I would suggest sharing your thoughts and feelings with your wife (as appropriate), and finding out what she personally values and desires.

  3. We love Valentines Day, and as a way to take the pressure off of Tom – I plan our Valentines Day every year. Since our anniversary is on the 24th – ten days later – he takes care of planning that day. As a result we both get a chance to bless the other in a special and meaningful way. Today we’re celebrating a backwards Valentines Day. Tom is still not sure what all I have planned, but this is the best part. He is expected to arrive home at 6p. That’s when the fun will begin!!
    Happy VD to you all!

  4. I think the Super Bowl commercial summed it up well for men “Give and you shall receive. At least comercials are honest. Nothing better then light prostitution going on in full view of the Church.

    I am all for a holiday celibrating love, but Valentine’s Day is not it. It was promoted by commericalism, taken over by hopelessly romatic women, and may not even be redeemable at this point. I think we need to figure out that love has nothing to do with Romantic novels and endless spending before we can celebrate it.

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