She’s worth it

A rose © Simon Booth | Dreamstime.comWhen I started this blog, I signed each day of the week with a different tag line. Thursday, acts of service day, ended with “She’s worth it”.

My question to you is this – do you think your bride is worth it? Is she worth extra effort, a bit of sacrifice, and sometimes doing things you don’t feel like doing? If she is, are you living that out? If she’s not, you have a problem – and it may not be her.

Show her she is worth it today … and tomorrow … next week … next month … and the rest of her life.

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7 Comments on “She’s worth it

  1. I am very pleased to say that my wife is worth it and our marriage is worth fighting for. Like all relationships, there are times when you begin to wonder, but I have found that it is in those times that I am being the most loveless, and the most selfish. No matter what she has done, does or will do – I have decided and determined to love her (John 13:34-35 -…As I have loved you, so you must love one another…”). I have decided and I am determined because she is worth it to God and to me!

  2. Great words John.

    I also feel my wife is well worth it. We got married this past December, I was suppose to work today, but i thought to myself “Why would I spend the first valentines day working instead of with my wife!”

    My car broke down about a week ago, but I decided to walk (a good ways) to my nearest store and get her flowers and a card for V-Day.

    I walked back up a steep hill, and got home out of breath…but she is worth it.

    To see her eyes light up as I had surprised her by bringing her home a gift was so wonderful. And to come home and find out she to had made me with her own hands a gift was out of this world.

    I am gratefull to the lord to have her in my life.

    • I agree – When you appreciate the gift that God gives you, you look at your wife through different eyes and because she is valuable to God, then she become valuable to you. And after almost 37 years, I have grown to see, learn, and understand that I have not even begun to comprehend her worth.

  3. This year my wife and I will be married for 28 years. I decided a few weeks ago my wife is worth everything in the world to me. I am working to make her feel special everyday. I will do anything for her as she is so special to me and I love her more and more everyday. She is worth it.

  4. What do you do when you get nothing in return? She thinks cooking and cleaning are all that it takes to be a good wife. nothing and I mean nothing else.

  5. First show her that cooking n cleaning is something u really appreciate n show appreciation in some shape or form. Take it from there.

    • I have from the beginning. help her cook & clean, thank her, praise her, romance her, give her gifts, nothing works. she wont even sleep in the bed with me, no affection, no intimacy, wont even talk to me any more. we are just roomates. need GOD to do a miracle!

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