If I don’t look, it’s not bad

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Now nothing can hurt me!

My bride and I are three weeks into Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University (great stuff, I recommend it highly). Several times Dave has talked about folks who don’t want to take a close look at their finances for fear of what they will find. It is like not going to the doctor about something wrong for fear it might be cancer. Of course, in both these cases if it is as bad as you fear, or even close, you need to know about it ASAP so you can deal with it before it causes great destruction.

I see men doing the same thing about their marriage. They fear there is a problem, let their imagination run away with them, then refuse to find out how bad it is out of fear. Thing is, no matter how bad it is, ignoring it will make it worse. Even if it’s not very bad, ignoring it will result in your marriage going downhill.

Of course, you know this – I’m just putting it in front of you to challenge you to find out before it’s too late. That applies to your marriage, you finances, your health, and anywhere else you are hiding from something you need to face.

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