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A few Sunday’s ago I linked to When Those You Love Push Your Buttons , an outstanding post by Gary Sinclair on his Safe at Home blog. I strongly recommend you go read, no study, that post.

I mention this because the post is what gave me the idea for what I am writing today – find buttons that make your bride feel good, and push them!

Just as you know how to push the buttons that upset her, you know what makes her feel good, loved, desired, safe, and so on. Maybe you have not thought about it that way, and maybe it will take some thinking to identify those buttons. It may also take some trial and error to find the best buttons, and when to use them to best effect. Just think how great it will be when you get a few of those buttons figured out! She’s sad? You know how to make her feel a bit better. She’s grumpy? You know how to deal with it (which might include some space). She needs to calm down? There’s a button for that! 

Figure out how to push her buttons the right way. Learn what to say (kind, encouraging words) and do (massage, taking a walk) that plugs into something deep inside her, causing a powerful postive reaction. Fine tune until you have a powerful set of wife blessing buttons at your disposal.

A button that gets her in the mood? She probably has a few of those too, but they tend to be inactive until a few other buttons have been pushed. Still …

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