Singing about married sex

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This is a bit different, but stay with me.

Imagine an album of music that glorified godly married sex; an album that dealt frankly but appropriately with the joys and depth of sex. What if it did this without glossing over the realities of life or the marital difficulties that can get in the way of great sex? How would such music affect your thinking – or the thinking of your bride?

I just happen to know such an album – Marriage Bed by Ang. You can sample it at the web site, and get the whole album for $6.

Please note – this is not an affiliate link; I’m not getting anything for pointing you to this and I don’t know the artist other than through Twitter. I’m sharing this because I really enjoy it, and because I think what we hear influences what we think and do.

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8 Comments on “Singing about married sex

  1. Paul and Lori,

    Thank you for your support! This really means a lot to me! I released this album in 2007. It seemed as if it were before its time. God is good! Thank you! Be blessed!


  2. Wish there was more “marriage bed” music. Style is not quite ours but love the the lyrics.

  3. I’d also recommend Aaron Spiro’s record “Love”. He and his wife recorded this back in 2011. Great, vibey album with good lyrical content that takes you on the journey through an evening in a biblical marriage bed.

  4. btw, nice R&B record from Ang as well. wanted to make sure to give her props for that record. nice groove going on there!

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