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“For I too am a man under authority, with soldiers under me. And I say to one, ‘Go,’ and he goes, and to another, ‘Come,’ and he comes, and to my servant,’Do this,’ and he does it.” [Mt 4:9 ESV]

The Roman centurion understood authority; he was both under authority and in authority over others. He understood he had the “power’ to tell his soldiers what to do because he himself was submitted to authority. If we want to be the head of our family, we must first be in proper submission to God and to the spiritual authorities God has put in our lives. It’s true failing at those does not give your wife a biblical reason to not submit to your authority, but it will give her cause to wonder if she should. Additionally, you cannot be a proper head if you are not submitted.

We husbands have been given an impossible example as head; we are called to be as Jesus is to His bride the church. Those who think headship is unfair to women do not understand what real, biblical headship is about! Headship is not about being served by your wife, it is about serving her.

As head, you set a course, and you ask your bride to follow. You have the ultimate “vote”, but if you make decisions without getting as much input as possible you are lacking in wisdom (a nice way of putting it). If you don’t get, and consider, input from your bride you not only lack wisdom, you are asking for a lot of trouble in your life and your marriage. A military commander who made decisions without input from those under him would have a short career – especially in active duty; if those over him did not deal with him, those under him would!

Being head requires you to understand your bride’s abilities, both her strengths and her weaknesses. You need to know when to encourage her to stretch and grow and when to help. There is no one size fits all here – it’s unique to the couple, the situation, the stage of life, and much more.

Another thing required to be a good head – the one that has taken me a couple of decades to get – is knowing when to shut up and get out of the way so God can do what He wants to do. Just knowing what God wants for her is not enough; you need to understand when He wants to deal with her and how He wants to deal with her. It’s very easy to get in the way, which makes it difficult for her to hear God. Remember, you are to do His will in her life, and if you get in the way if Him doing His will in her life you are really doing it wrong.

This is a seven part series: 

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Being the head What it means, and how it’s to be done.
Sexual submission New we’re talking … or not.
How we do headship and submission How it works in our message.

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3 Comments on “Being the head

  1. No husband of mine will ever think that he can make a decision that involves me or my children with out first discussing it with me and then WE agree together. A man only has the so called “authority” that his wife gives him. He can make a decision without her just like she can make a decision without him. Although this is a recipe for disaster, my point is that in your article you are suggesting that a husband CAN make a decision without his wife, but he’d be foolish if he did. The husband does not have the ultimate vote unless the wife gives it to him. Who’s going to enforce that? Men need to focus on what God commands them as husbands which is to love – not lead. Most men focus on the lead part and not the love. EGO tripping as they call it. Paul devotes twice as many words to husbands than he does to wives yet most “Christian” men only focus on what serves them. Typical. This is why so many marriages are failing, but I blame the fools (men) who listen this such non-sensical teachings.

    • JeanetteMoore You are correct that a husband only has as much authority as hi wife gives him. The question for any wife is what authority would God have her give?

  2. I respectfully disagree, Jeanette. As a wife, I find it very Important to understand how God built my hsb, which is to lead and love his wife. I am not the head of the household even though I could usurp that from him. It would not be biblical to do such a thing and would bring pain to us both–definitely result in a broken marriage. Keep up the good work, Generous Husband! Our culture could use more biblical teachings from both the Generous Wife and the Generous Husband.

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