When words bless her

Whisper that brings a smile © Vojtech Vlk | Dreamstime.comJust as a few poorly chosen words aimed at your bride can make the rest of your day unhappy, a few well-chosen words can also make the rest of your day, or week, much better.

If you know words that hurt her, think about ways to say the opposite. If others that hurt her with words, find ways to speak the opposite to her. This is a simple but deeply profound way of countering the lies that have been spoken to and about her. If a parent called her dumb, praise her intelligence. If people picked on something about her body in school, compliment her on that body part or some other part you like. If the kids have been saying mean or thoughtless things, counter that.

Be aware of what you’re saying and look for positive reactions. Repeat those words and ideas, and try similar words and ideas. Learn to build her up with your words.

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Image Credit: © Vojtech Vlk | Dreamstime.com

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One Comment on “When words bless her

  1. Excellent reminder to watch for how our words impact our family and use our words to build and encourage! Thank you.

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