Romance: I prefer you

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Romance and romantic are difficult words to define – especially for those of us with fewer than two X chromosomes. For me a simple way to explain it is that being romantic means doing things to show you think about her when the two of you are apart. Romantic acts generally take thought and preparation – some just a bit, some a great deal. The thought and preparation are seen in the acts, which makes them special. Knowing you think about her when she is not with you makes her feel all warm.

Romance also means putting her first on your list for sharing news – both good and bad. It means you are excited to share the best parts of your life with her, and comforted by sharing the worst parts with her. You can’t always make her first, but she should not learn of your raise on Facebook, or hear from a friend you didn’t get the promotion. A quick call or text before you tell the world shows you prefer her.

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Image Credit: © Higyou |

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