Partnership: I got your back

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I got your back

Are you there for your bride, no matter what? Do you feel she is there for you in the same way? Partnership is about supporting and encouraging each other. It’s also about accountability, protection, and publicly honouring each other. 

This can be done by choice. If you like your spouse you may do much of this because of your emotions, but that’s not the best way. Choose to be supportive. Choose to give her the benefit of the doubt. Choose to encourage and lift her up even when you feel like crap. Learn to provide loving accountability, and to do what makes her feel protected.

Additionally, never, ever, ever talk bad about her to anyone. If there are real problems and you need to talk, find someone who won’t share what you say, and will call you on it if you move from fact to feelings in what you say. Beyond this, don’t say anything negative about her to others, even in private. Honour her with your words, all the time, with everyone. Even better, make a point of saying nice things about her, of praising her in front of others – both when she is there and when she is not. 

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Image Credit: © Gabriel Blaj |

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  1. Very good Paul, thank you! :) I, too, need reminding of this everyday!

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