Can I get a bit of micro?

Last week the Myster32 blog had a list of “Sex Experts“. Erin had these kind words about my bride and me:

The Marriage Bed – Paul and Lori Byerly – 
These two amaze me. Not only because of their awesome material, but because this is not the only material they have! They also write frequently for separate blogs: The Generous Husband and The Generous Wife. I really don’t know how they do it all and with such quality! Paul and Lori usually have short, straight to point posts that have an incredible amount of truth to them. Their testimony is quite amazing and has brought them all the knowledge and wisdom that share with us on their blog. They have a strong faith that they put in every aspect of their writing and God is definitely blessing their work as their following is great! I have been honored to be mentioned on their site a few times and am always so thankful for the spike it gives my statistics.  I highly recommend you check out ALL of their sites!

I hope the quality is as good as she says. I know the quantity is significant. We feel what we do it vital, so we devote a good deal of time to it. In addition to the daily posts on TGH and TGW, we are trying to update older Marriage Bed articles and add new ones. We’ve done 19 updates and 3 new articles since August. We are also each working on a book.

Am I bragging here? That’s not my intention. Actually, I am asking for help. We want to do more, and are trying to move towards full time marriage ministry. The only things standing in our way are lack of money and the need for sleep!

We have some folks who have supported us monthly for years, and we deeply appreciate those people. Each time I mention we take donations we get many one-off donations, which we greatly appreciate. What I am asking for today is for a number of you to become micro-donors. A group of micro-donors, each giving a few dollars a month, would allow us to greatly accelerate the move towards full time marriage ministry. My goal is 375 micro-donors  – half a percent of my readership. Currently we have less than 50. Can you help?

BTW: A few years ago, I got an e-mail accusing me of being in this for the money. I think it’s a valid concern, but it made me laugh. We’ve yet to make minimum wage for the time we put in versus the donations we receive. As I said above, I do this because I think it’s important. When we started, we paid the server bills, and if we received nothing at all, we’d still be doing it – just less of it.

3 Comments on “Can I get a bit of micro?

  1. Even if you are doing it for the money, what do is a great thing. I think good deeds are still good deeds, even if the motivation is off.

    That said, I don’t think you are doing it for the money. I can see your and Lori’s hearts in what you write, and that you desire to see strong marriages.

    Thank you.

  2. Paul, you have done so much for our marriage and for me as a husband and father. I only wish I could give more. Thank you and please keep up the wonderful job you are doing of spreading God’s love!

  3. Bill – Don’t think of it as little – we don’t! If 1% of my readership gave as much we could go full time marriage ministry.

    My sincere thanks for pushing that “life bar” up a bit.

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