The power of owning your stuff

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Your stuff: your problems, your fears, your sins, your mistakes, your idiosyncrasies, your need for order, control, and so on. Some of it is not inherently wrong, some of it is. Some of it is no big deal, some of it makes living with you less fun, more stressful, or nearly impossible

Owning your stuff, admitting to it without excuse or becoming defensive, is a great step towards making needed changes. This is also a great way to make your bride feel better, and gives her hope of change. She has stuff she needs to deal with, and openly owning your stuff will put pressure on her to own her stuff. 

A word about explanations – telling why you did something is fine, and may even be helpful, provided it’s not used as an excuse. If the why is seen as part of your process of working to be better, great. If it looks like an excuse or a play for sympathy, just don’t. 

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One Comment on “The power of owning your stuff

  1. This is a good post. It is hard to own our own stuff, but I agree it is our place to let the Father teach us and we need to “deal” with our stuff directly with God and take ownership of it.

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