The consequences of not owning your stuff

You should have owned your stuff! © Arnel Manalang |

Yesterday I wrote about The power of owning your stuff. Today I want to look at the consequences of not owning your issues, problems, hang-ups, sins, and so on.

When you fail to own your stuff, others see it as an indication they should do something. One common response is trying to force the person to deal with things. Another is distance ourselves from the person, or at least areas where they have things they need to deal with.

When you take responsibly for your stuff you show a willingness to work on it, and you generally get a period of grace. When you deny your stuff, or deny how bad it is, you get anger, resentment, and attempts to force a change. 

Once you have abdicated responsibility for your stuff, you lose control. Don’t blame your bride, or others, if they step in to fill the vacuum. 

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Image Credit: © Arnel Manalang |

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3 Comments on “The consequences of not owning your stuff

  1. “He who conceals his transgressions (denies or is unwilling to own his stuff) will not prosper (others either try to force him to deal with it or distance themselves from him), but he who confesses (takes responsibility for his own stuff) and forsakes them (shows a willingness to work on it) will find compassion (generally get a period of grace).” Proverbs 28:13 modified to illustrate the accuracy of your helpful post.

  2. I see not owning up to my own stuff as being arragant and selfish – the complete opposite of what Christ was and what we are to be developing into

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