Sex, it’s not just physical

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I like sex, babe.

I have discovered many women are frustrated or offended their husband only wants sex for physical pleasure. Thing is, I can’t find all these men who only want sex for the physical. Frankly, if  men only cared about the physical part of sex, the human race would be extinct. We can give ourselves the physical pleasure any time we like! 

I do, however, understand why so many women think their guy only cares about orgasm. Men are more focused on the physical than the average woman. That, and how we communicate about sex, can give the wrong impression. 

Listen to what you say about sex. Listen to how you ask for sex, what you say when you talk about how great it is, and how you joke about sex. Look for ways you might be communicating you only care about the physical. Next, think about other reasons you like sex. With all this in mind, figure out how to change your sexual dialogue to better communicate what sex with your bride means to you.

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One Comment on “Sex, it’s not just physical

  1. This is SO important, Paul! Thanks for bringing this up. I’ve been mentoring women on my blog this month to help them see that sex is more than physical. If I could make a suggestion, if your wife has just about given up on sex, talk about intimacy instead. Let her understand that it’s about a deep connection that she needs, too. Sometimes just reframing the issue can help, because she likely doesn’t understand that it is more than just release for you.

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