As a man thinks …

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As a man thinks, so is he. [Common paraphrase of Prov 23:7]*

I’ve been thinking about that scripture a lot recently. Not because it came up in my regular Bible reading, but because of a variety of secular articles and studies I’ve seen which say we become who and what we think we are. One place I saw this was in the  TED talk by Shawn Achor which I linked to last week. Shawn and others are finding traditional ways of dealing with employees are infective as best and often counter-productive. It turns out changing how employees see themselves makes them more productive. Ability is certainly necessary, but believing we can do something is also very important. Thinking we can without ability is worthless, but ability without some level of confidence is almost as worthless. A little ability and a lot of confidence will usually get more done than a lot of ability and a little confidence.

No, I’m not becoming one of those folks who think positive self-talk is all we need. I’ve been annoyed by that since a high school teacher** had us yell “I’ve got PMA, I’ve got PMA” (positive mental attitude) every day at the start of class. I don’t think a change of attitude will fix everything, and sometimes what is needed is less thinking and more doing. However, I am seeing more and more how “PMA” is a real and valuable commodity.

I will likely do a couple more posts on this the next few days – would love thoughts and feedback in the comments.

*Turns out my memory of this verse is not accurate or contextual. But Google shows it’s a common misquote of the verse.
** Miss Rohrer was still an awesome teacher, my favourite ever.  

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  1. I really needed this today. The truth in the scripture was healing. I started a new project yesterday, building a new, larger back porch and with any project there was some unseen obstacles. Those obstacles had me start questioning my ability, and quickly I became frustrated and simply put I just wanted to give up. I think a lot of times as a man when we doubt if we “have what it takes”, those doubts are planted by our Enemy who’s trying to steal and kill our joy/confidence/life/peace/ enjoyment…etc. I look forward to when I get off of work to do what I have set out to do, with confidence in who I am and what I’m able to do.

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