The other lies she’s trying to live up to – or run from.

Caricature of a perfect woman © Pichayasri |
How she thinks she should be.

Your bride is surrounded by those who want to tell who and how to be. Yeah, I know you get it too, but what you have to deal with is nothing compared to the messages she has from her family, her friends, media, society in general, and even the church. She is hit with impossible perfection and more things she “should do” than any one person could possibly do. 

To help her, you need to have some idea what she is dealing with. Watch her and other women. Watch the examples set by media and peer pressure. Ask her what she feels she should be, and what she feels others want her to be. Once you are aware do what you can to show her you don’t buy into the wrong standards the world is pushing. Say things like “I’m glad you are not _____” and “I’m glad you don’t think you should _____”. Also, keep an eye out for signs she is trying to live up to something she need not do. A gentle comment can help her to see the truth and walk away from the lie.

You can’t fix this for her, but you can help. Support her, encourage her, and share truth with her. 

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Image Credit: © Pichayasri

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