Are you looking for a Mrs. Potato Head bride?

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I often see a man wishing his wife was more like Mary Ann, or Ginger, or Betty, or Wilma. What they really want is part of each of those women, mixed in to replace parts of their own wife that they find less than perfect. They want a build-your-own-wife-kit so they can pick and choose the “best parts” from all the “available models”. 

We need to understand people are a package deal, and their “parts” are not interchangeable and can’t be separated. Some of what you like about your bride comes from the same roots as something you don’t like. Changing something you don’t like would likely change parts you do like. 

For example, we all understand the idea of a “high maintenance wife”. If you want a woman who is always glamorous, you are probably going to end up with a woman who is fairly high maintenance. If what you get is worth what it costs you, great. If you want the “good” without the “bad”, you can forget it. 

Another example – I knew a woman who let everyone know she was giving her husband (of many years) daily (or more) sex. Many men were deeply jealous. What these men did not see was what it cost – what was not being done, and what she expected to get away with because of all the sex. In the end, her husband was not at all happy with the package deal, and I can’t imagine any man who would have been.

As you try to help your bride become more like God wants her to be, realise no part of who she is can be isolated and changed without changing other parts of who she is. 

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