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Today is April fool’s day; a day for pulling pranks and trying to convince people some outlandish story is true. So today seems to me like a great day to discuss how we joke with our brides.

I’m big on humour. I like laughing, I like making other’s laugh, and I know laughter does good like a medicine. I tend to agree with my wise friend Jack who always said, “It doesn’t matter who the joke is on as long as everyone laughs.” However, everyone MUST include the person the joke is on – which is why Jack was the butt of most of his jokes.

Humour can be a great marriage tool. You can use it to cheer up your bride, you can share it to build oneness, and you can use it as a peace-offering (repair attempt as Gottman says) during an argument. However, humour can also do great harm. You have to learn your audience – your bride. What does she find funny, and what does she find gross or distasteful? Where can she laugh at herself, and where can she not? You need to learn when she feels like laughing, and when your attempts to make her laugh feel like you are making fun of her. Also, be aware sexual innuendo puts many wives off sex.

Another issue is how your bride will feel about your humour with others. She may get uptight, concerned about how others will take your humour, or what they will think of you for some of the things you say or do. This is a difficult issue as you need to balance being yourself with her being concern for you, and her being offended on behalf of others. If she is trying to get you to change who you clearly were before you married her, pointing that out to her is important. On the other hand, she may see things you do not, and may be more accurately sensitive to the feelings of others than you are. Even if she is over-blowing it, she may be onto something real. Don’t dismiss her without trying to understand and verity what she is saying.

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