What is more importnat to you than your bride?

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What is more important to you than your bride? 

If you wrote it out, the  list would be short; for many of us the only thing on the list would be God. However, what if a list was composed based on how you live your life? Based on how you treat your bride versus how you treat others, or how much time you devote to her, does she look as important to you as you say she is? Would those who know both of you agree with your assessment of how important she is to you? Would she agree?  If you could graph, over time, how important your bride is to you compared to other things in your life, what would the graph look like?

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Image Credit: © Kovaleff | dreamstime.com

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One Comment on “What is more importnat to you than your bride?

  1. Last Thursday, while at work with a local country music station on, a story popped up about Keith Urban. Keith Urban claims that his marriage to Nicole Kidman is more important to him than his children, citing that the marriage needs to be strong so as to be able to set a great example to their daughters. After hearing about that, I see truth in it. I don’t know what kind of relationship with God, Keith Urban has, but the fact that he is looking at his marriage as being an example to his children. Now, I heard that some people look at that as maybe backwards thinking but to me, Keith hit the nail right on the head. Our marriages need to be a strong example to our children. I know personally myself, I struggle with this, but we all are a work in-progress.

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