Running hard for the wrong goal

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We’ve all seen a movie where some clueless player runs to the wrong goal and thinks he has scored when he and/or the ball go into/through the net/goal line. It makes for a funny scene, but it’s not funny when it happens in real life. 

I see a lot of men and women working hard to get to the wrong goal. Goals such as:

  • Focusing on something of minor importance to their spouse, while ignoring things critical to their spouse.
  • Borrowing a lot of money to give their family “a better life”.
  • Working to ignore problems, thinking it will make them go away.
  • Trying to be the man or woman their parents, friends, church, or society thinks they should be.
  • Continuing an argument after knowing they are wrong.
  • Denying and/or trying to eliminate things God put in them (thoughts, callings, urges).
  • Using porn to “fix” or “spice up” their sex life.

There are plenty of other examples, large and small. Sometimes the person has no clue they are headed towards the wrong goal, but other times they suspect, or know, and keep working for the goal all the same. It’s like they don’t want to waste the effort already spent, or just can’t admit they were wrong.  It’s as if they are saying “If that is true, my whole life is a lie and a waste … so I must not be true.”

I’m trying to learn to check my goals often. Not just check my progress, but also confirm my goal is good and right. If it is not, the sooner I know the sooner I can make needed changes. Pride is not worth the cost of continuing towards the wrong goal!

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Image Credit: © Oleksii Sergieiev |

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