Another year and a stupid number

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I’m told today is my 51st birthday. (I don’t remember much of the first couple years, so I have to take this on faith). Fifty-one, really? What a stupid number! I mean 55 will be awesome, and 53 is prime, but 51? (Okay, I’m a nerd and a bit OCD)

That aside, the last year has been an interesting one. If I’d had the same year a decade ago I’d be losing my mind. Fortunately I’ve grown a lot in the last decade. I’m less uptight, and I have learned to trust God more (Really trusting Him, as opposed to saying I do and working my mind overtime to figure out a dozen ways He can come through for me.)  I find getting older is a good thing in many ways. Wisdom really does come with age (sooner for some than others). Patience and compassion also seem to grow with age – at least for most. I also find age either results in letting go of wrongs against you more easily and quickly, or becoming bitter. I have chosen the first path, and it is nice to be less concerned (or consumed) by perceived wrongs.

Marriage? Better and better. I’m more sure of myself, and thus less worried about how she feels about me. She is the same, which is also good. We know each other better, which is awesome. We are so comfortable with each other – relaxed as opposed to uptight and fearful. Sex? What do you think – no kids interrupting, no birth control, no periods, and we’re both less uptight and more free.

I also like the freedom of not having a child I must care for. I love my kids and am so glad to have had them, but now we have a lot more freedom. We can do more for ourselves, and we can do more for others. Giving is great, especially when we can do it as a couple, and being able to do more is awesome.

Bottom line – ageing is inevitable, but getting old is not. I know people my age and younger who feel and act older than I do. I have friends who are younger than my oldest child – real friends, good friends. I enjoy life, including the new things going on around me – change is good, it’s exciting. I choose to live and enjoy and be young at heart and mind regardless of what my body might be doing.

What about you – have you chosen to get old? Don’t! There’s way too much life out there for that!

12 Comments on “Another year and a stupid number

  1. Happy birthday! I hope your day is really special. I hope nothing ruins it. :)

  2. Never mind whether 51 is any sort of number. Many happy returns! I’m pleased that you have lasted this 51st year because you have made a lot of sense and given a lot of encouragement to me over the year. I hope that your 52nd is even better and more blessed.

  3. so your wife suggested we wish you a happy birthday. Welcome to this side of the fence. I tried to tell our sons the 50’s were the new 30’s. They have yet to believe us.

  4. Happy birthday Paul! I hope it is indeed a BLESSED day, and that you & Lori get to enjoy it together!


  5. Happy Birthday! You and Lori are a blessing to so many of us. Enjoy your day and the blessings God has for you all the days of your life.

  6. Happy Birthday Paul!! You and my hubby share a special day! May God bless you with many more!

  7. Happy Birthday! I hope its a really special one for you, and that you get to spend plenty of time with your family! Also really liked what you wrote about “aging is inevitable, but getting old is not” I am going to keep that in mind!:)

  8. Happy Birthday Paul! 51 is sure better than 15! Think of all you’ve learned and we can all benefit from, as God blesses you with even more days ahead! As we’re told, “Life is a gift, that’s why it’s called the present.” Enjoy the day. If you kiss your wife 51 times in celebration, you’ll enjoy it all the more! :)

  9. Happy Birthday to you! Im celebrating 30 today. Im excited to be at the top of my class when running now! haha im the young one. Looking forward to 51. Have a great day

  10. Happy Birthday Paul! I am a long time reader of your wife’s Daily Tips, but wanted to say happy birthday to you today! Today is my husband’s birthday, too! But he’s just past his “prime” now, turning 52 today :) Thanks for all you and Lori do for families around the country/world. We appreciate you!

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