He is risen

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If you are a follower of Jesus, you understand why today is so important. You understand your weakness and inability, and you know you needed Him to die in your place so you could really live.

However, this post is for those of you who don’t follow Jesus. It’s not a sermon or an alter call – this is an apology. I want to apologise for the way those who say they follow Jesus have treated you. I want to apologise for the name-calling, the anger (which is a cover for fear), and the ignorance. Unfortunately, most who call themselves Christians don’t understand how Jesus would have them relate to the world around them. Jesus never condemned, put-down, or tried to change those who did not follow God. Jesus reserved His chastising, correction, and wrath for those who claimed to be following God – primarily for the leaders who were leading wrongly. To those who did not know God, Jesus showed love, compassion, and kindness. He wanted them to see the love of God; He was far more about the carrot than the stick.

Somewhere along the last 2000 years, most who follow Jesus have decided they were called to fix the world by making laws and forcing people to do what is right. While their intention may be good, they are acting outside of what the Bible says. All too often they lose love along the way. Please, forgive us for this; it is not how our Lord taught us to treat you.

To those who follow Him who see this as an unacceptable resurrection message, I’m sorry. The good news is Jesus died for our sins, and rose again to give us life. Too much of what we do in His name has nothing to do with that, and much of what we do does more to drive people away from Him than to draw them near. May we all see where we have been wrong so we might become a better witness of His love and glory. He is risen, He is risen indeed.

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  1. You may get criticism for your “He Is Risen” apology blog, but I thought it was well written and so true and needs to be read not only by non-Christians, but Christians too.

  2. Well said Brother, I am proud to be associated with a guy who sees our faith that way

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