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Forward emails © Vitalche | Dreamstime.comBelow is one of the birthday greetings I received when my bride asked her Generous Wives to send me such greetings, included the following (used with permission):

[I wanted to] say thank you for all the times my husband comes home from work and says “Do I do this or that?” If the answer happens to be yes, he proceeds to apologize for whatever it is and always says “I’ll try to do better.” If the answer is no, it gives me an opportunity to praise him for all the wonderful things he does right. This is not one sided though. I receive the generous wife emails every day and often find myself seeking his input and forgiveness for my faults and failures as well.”

I know others do this because occasionally one of you hits reply instead of forward when emailing one of my posts and your comments to your bride. I love it when I know couples are doing this. I honestly don’t care if you and your bride agree I came off as a total idiot if it got the two of you talking. 

If you want to send your bride a post to spotlight something about her, my suggestion is to first send her several posts spotlighting things about you. She will then be far more receptive when you send an occasional post nudging her a bit. Writing something like “Do I do this to you?” or “Do we need to talk about this?” is a great way to go; it invites her to tell you what she thinks and show her you are willing to be told you messed up.

On the issue of micro-donors: one of you suggested I try “Will spell check for donations.” Very funny, thanks! I suppose there is a minor correlation – the busier I am, the less time I put into proofing my writing – especially titles and image captions. I’ve been working at doing better since this was pointed out. 
In-spite of the spelling issues, we are this || close to 10% of our goal of 375 micro-donors by the end of this year. Thanks to those, including a couple churches, who have recently joined us. We have several ways to donate listed here.

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Image Credit: © Vitalche | dreamstime.com

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