Don’t let your strengths become weaknesses

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Ever notice how people’s strengths can become their weakness? The person who is independent fails to build good relationships because he won’t trust others. The man who is unconcerned about what others think cannot be corrected. The man who listens to everyone well loses the ability to voice his own needs. The peacemaker is so unwilling to deal with conflict his wife is deeply frustrated. Any strength/good quality can be taken too far, becoming a problem, a flaw, a weakness.

We tend to be good at identifying our strengths, not not our weaknesses. Think about your strengths, and the problems that could come from taking those qualities too far. Then look for signs you have gone too far – or ask your bride if she thinks you have. 

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Image Credit: © Aleksandr Frolov |

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3 Comments on “Don’t let your strengths become weaknesses

  1. When we look at the biblical understanding of sin, I think that we can safely expand on this thought to say that every character trait, every strength, has its weaknesses. There are no aspects of our personality that are untouched. Even those that, on the surface, seem “Christian”, like being kind, can be infected by our self-centeredness and be all about us. Asking our bride to help us see that is a huge act of courage.

  2. Every leader that falls usually falls because the person became so prideful in their strengths that their strength actually destroyed them. Here is a great book – “Overcoming the Dark Side of Leadership” by McIntosh & Rima. This is true no matter what level of leadership you are at – whether it is leading a family, a church, a community, or a nation.

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