Don’t let your strengths cause blind spots

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Eliminate blind spots!

This is very similar to yesterday’s Don’t let your strengths become weaknesses, but worth a separate post none-the-less. It’s easy to think you are so good at something you stop checking yourself. You assume you can’t mess up in that area, so you don’t worry about it. Thing is, if small problem that goes unnoticed it easily grow and get out of hand. Examples:

  • The man who is never sexually tempted allows a woman to get too close because he knows he would never do anything. Then she does something, and even if he manages to escape, it’s a mess.
  • The man who always knows where every dollar goes does not have a budget. Then one day he forgets something, and a chain reaction of bounce fees costs him a bundle. 
  • A man who is usually well aware of the needs and problems of others never asked his wife if she is upset or has an issue with him – but she does, and resentment grows.
  • A man who’s never been sick a day in his life never goes to the doctor, and leaves his wife a widow at 50 from something that could have been easily detected and treated.

As I said yesterday, we know our strengths. Think about your strengths, and how they might create blind spots that could cause real problems for you or those around you.

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Image Credit: © S-dmit |

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