What she wants for Mother’s Day

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On facebook and Twitter I asked wives with children what they wanted from their hubby for mother’s day. Here’s what they said:

  • Let me have a nap Sunday – he listens for nap time ending, & doing tuck-ins would lead to romance at night! Gift of rest.
  • Helpfulness and attentiveness makes a day so special
  • A massage! A pedicure! Anything that pampers us for an hour. And then coming home to a house that’s been cleaned up a little
  • Dark chocolate, cheesecake, coffee… And some quiet time alone would be wonderful.
  • A week to myself near the beautiful, blueish green waters sipping on something in a fresh coconut with the little umbrella in it and the long straw.
  • A day where he handles everything that I normally do…children’s arguments, food preparation, laundry, getting children ready, AND making sure I don’t have anything to clean up the day after. That’s usually the problem with mom having a day off.
  • A massage and some peace and quiet.
  • A nap!!!
  • A day where I do not have to lift a single finger.
  • For him to handle the kids so i could have some time for myself to take a relaxing bubble bath with candles, then maybe for him to give me a nice long, slow, sensual massage and for him just to shower me with love and beautiful words. 

Anyone see a pattern? What she most wants is A BREAK! That, plus some help and a bit of pampering are the key to her heart and, as one lady said, parts south.

Yes, give her some time off from mothering for mother’s day, but do even more; give her help and time off regularly. This is the number one cry of women with children, especially those with young children. If you have kids at home and you don’t get that, you really can’t be a generous husband.

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4 Comments on “What she wants for Mother’s Day

  1. Mother’s Day is just prior to payday for us, so I can’t buy her anything (yet!), but “time”… THAT we can do! She will certainly get a break because I know she needs it. My hunny has been working EXTRA hard lately to cover for me while I study for the marriage classes I’m teaching every Friday night. Thank You Lord that there’s only two left!

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  3. I agree with J. No one said sex? My mother and mother-in-law asked for flowers, dropping HUGE hints about that, and for a homecooked meal.

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