Date night

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Are you tired of hearing about date night? I do not say much about it, but it’s all over the place, like it’s some magic solution to every marriage problem.

Date night is not all that, but it is an important part of a healthy marriage. Date night, or date day for that matter, gives the two of you time to connect, talk, and enjoy things together. It gives her a break and allows her to relax. It reconnects her to you emotionally. While all of that is good, the most important aspect of date night is it tells her you value her enough to spend some of your most limited resource on her.

Be it a night-time or daytime thing, weekly or a couple of times a month, a big deal or simple, expensive or cheap, please make time for regular dates. You really don’t want to send her the message you are too busy for her!

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Image Credit: © Vladimir Nikulin |

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3 Comments on “Date night

  1. Paul,

    Amen – Being self-employed early in our marriage, I looked at “supporting my family” as the prime responsibility and was thus a bit of a work-aholic. “You are too busy for her!” is exactly the message my wife was receiving though and it took years for me to “get it”.

  2. We don’t make it a goal, but we seem to go out to dinner and a movie once a month. It feels like an extravagance to us with 2 small children at home, but it really helps us re-center and “get back to talking again” sometimes. That, and every single Friday night is dedicated to Us Time. That helps a LOT to have consistency in quality time.

  3. I enjoy having “date night” with my husband. We try to have one at least once a month. We also have two small children (one is 3, the other is 6 months) and it’s something I look forward to because it does give me a few hours break from my kids (whom I love dearly, but I’m also a stay-at-home-mom full time) but mostly because it is the only time I really get to have with my husband alone. I love my husband with all of my heart and I wish I could have all of his time and attention, but realistically I know I can’t, so “date night” seems to be a good way to keep us connected and gives us time to just be “us” again. Oh, I would also like to just add that “date night” for me doesn’t always mean we have to go out. Sometimes just staying in and watching movies is fun. But it’s what happens at the end of our “date” that is most important! lol

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