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Some miscellaneous items related to social influence, and how it can hurt us or be used for good.

The power of social influence, or peer pressure, can certainly harm us, but it can also be used for good. Years ago someone on The Marriage Bed Message Boards commented on the “positive peer pressure” of the group – resulted in some very good changes in her thinking and thus in her sex life with her husband. Hanging out with a bunch of sex positive Christians changed how she thought about sex, which changed how she felt about it, which changed what she did.

Our words nudge those who hear them, and our actions nudge those see what we do. If there are enough nudges in a good direction, positive changes can happen. However, we can also nudge in a wrong direction, so we must be aware of what we say and do. The book of Romans warns us our words and actions affect others, and we are told God will hold us accountable if we cause others to stumble.

Social influence is very real, and we have a natural desire to conform to society. This makes God’s calls for us to be in but not of society a rather difficult thing. We must be a part of our society, but not influenced by it. This suggests to me God can and will help us with this if we seek Him.

A few articles more or less about these issues:

REGRETS OF THE DYING – A woman who works with the dying lists the most common regrets, starting with “I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.” ◄ Not always easy, but better than regretting not doing it later.

The Inner Ring, by C.S. Lewis “The quest of the Inner Ring will break your hearts unless you break it.” ◄ When we follow the group, the group owns us. (Thanks to Lou for suggesting this in the comments last Sunday)

Reasons to avoid scoundrels “New research suggests that hanging out with immoral people can actually change your own standards for behavior. People who were made to relate to another person—whether by writing a perspective-taking essay, writing about collaboration, or being told they were born in the same month—were subsequently more willing to emulate selfish or dishonest behavior in those people. And although relating to a positively behaving person induced positive behavior, the effect was stronger for negative behavior.” ◄ The scary thing here is that bad influences are stronger than good ones.


In this series about how normative influence shapes our lives:

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Wrap up on social influence 

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