Happy Father’s Day!

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Dads are important!

I wanted to say a huge thank you to all the real dads out there (as opposed to those who have fathered a child but have never done what a dad does). We live in a world that downplays the importance of a good father, which is detrimental to kids, marriages, and society as a whole.

A loving, involved father means better grades, less use of drugs, less trouble at school and with the law, and later start to having sex. A good dad also means children are more likely to marry, and more likely to have a good marriage. In short, dads are important.

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Links to blog posts that stood out to me this last week:


Assume Love

When Your Marriage is Limping, Fix Your Life ◄ Because fixing your life WILL help your marriage.
Does Your Husband or Wife Do His or Her Fair Share? ◄ If you thing yes, how are you measuring things?

Dirty Girls

Give & Take ◄ Dirty Girls is having a fund-raising drive. DG offers help for women who struggle with porn. This is a growing problem, and DG is one of the few ministries working with women about this. That, and they do a great job! Please pray about helping them out with a donation!

The Generous Wife

Be Present ◄ Have you learned to be “all there” wherever you are?
Don’t Whine, Be Practical ◄ Find ways to eliminate common problems.
May I Help You? ◄ My bride brags on me.

Happily Married After

Ground rules for Disagreement ◄ This is an excellent tool – learn it and use it!

Hot, Holy and Humorous

Sex Photos & Videos ◄ A good article on DIY sex pictures.

Journey to Surrender

A Grace-Full Marriage – Does Grace Mean Not Caring? ◄ “Stuffing it down and sucking it up do not fit with my understanding of grace.”

Marriage Life

I Can Endure ◄ Probably not your first choice, but it is a valid and God honouring choice.

Marriage Missions International

Dealing With or Dumping Garbage ◄ Cause who wants to live in a dump?
Have the Father’s Day of Your Dreams! ◄ The end is the best part!
What’s Your Communication Style? ◄ Are you an amplifier or a condenser?


The “Man Pout” ◄ Don’t be like this!
Her Period and You – A Few “Survival Tips” ◄ Well done, I highly recommend it.

One Flesh Marriage

Birth Control Killed My Sex Drive ◄ If your bride is on the pill, PLEASE read this.
A Marriage Encouraging Church ◄ What would that look like?

Refresh |MarriageToday

What Hinders Healthy Communication About Sex? ◄ If you can’t talk about it, how good can it be?
Physical Barriers to Healthy Sex ◄ Are you making it difficult to have sex with you?

Romantic Act of the Day

Keep an Eye on Her Workload ◄ Be aware, and help her deal with stress.
} Play a Little ◄ Play with your wife!
Time with Her Friends ◄ Are you ensuring she has time with her friends? She needs it!

The Romantic Vineyard

The 5 Disciplines of a Successful Vacation ◄ So you don’t need a break after your vacation!
Wanted: Forgiveness ◄ Powerful, and in short supply.

Safe at home

Ten Things Great Dads Do or Don’t Do ◄ Good stuff.

Stupendous Marriage

Stupendous Marriage Show 48 ◄ A happy podcasting anniversary to Stu and Lisa as they complete one year of great marriage podcasts.

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