Waiting is a choice

Not too fast ... © Tombaky | Dreamstime.com

Have you ever felt you had to “do something” but you had no idea what to do? Maybe you thought doing nothing would make you look stupid or indecisive. Truth is, doing nothing is a choice, and sometimes a very wise choice. Good reasons for doing nothing include:

  • Waiting for more information
  • Taking time to calm down so you can think clearly
  • Giving your bride time to calm down
  • Taking time to think through the issue carefully, maybe sleeping on it
  • Giving your bride time to think through things
  • Getting advice from others

Realise waiting is a valid choice much of the time, and if it is not included in your options, you are dealing with a false choice. Happy is he who does not rush to make a choice before the proper time.

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Image Credit: © Tombaky | Dreamstime.com

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2 Comments on “Waiting is a choice

  1. My husband excels at this. It used to drive me crazy because I thought he was being indecisive. But after years of marriage I have seen God use his waiting to bring clarity and wisdom to a difficult decision. If the decision has to be made right away he will, but if there’s no hurry, he usually takes his time. I’ve grown to love this about him, and I’ve learned to trust God in the waiting.

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