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My bride and I are facilitating another Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University class. This group includes four single adults, three under 21 years of age. It is great to see them learning to avoid problems in an area that causes trouble for most couples. Financial issues are a factor in a majority of divorces, and a source of stress for most couples who never contemplate divorce. If you have never had a problem over money issues, you are very, very rare or very newlywed!

I would like to urge you strongly to plan now to take a FPU class. I have also heard good things about Crown Financial Ministries. I don’t care which you do, just do something! If nothing else, start with Dave Ramsey’s book The Total Money Makeover in hard cover or on Kindle. I honestly think this is one of the best things you can do for your marriage.

Speaking of money: Lori and I are still seeking financial help from those who feel our message is worth sharing more broadly. If you would like to help support us so we can give more time to marriage ministry, please click here.

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4 Comments on “Financial Peace

  1. My wife, Sherry, and I have taught FPU the last two school year “semesters.” We were late to the game, taking the course ourselves just 18 months ago. We are now empty nesters and can not imagine what managing two in college would have been like if we had not gone the “Dave” route. During our 13 weeks as students in FPU we had more positive talks about money than we had had total discussions about it (good or bad) during our previous 21 years of marriage. Whether in debt or not, your marriage will benefit from going through this program. Make it a priority.

  2. P&L,
    This is a great thing you are doing.

    Crown Financial might be OK (I took their course at our church) but I have two things against them (See I cannot comment without getting negative!):
    1) They use scripture to support the principles they want to teach. This would be good, but in fact what they really do is “version shop” to find the “translation” that uses the words that they want to teach about, regardless of the content/meaning of the underlying original language. In fact, some of their Scripture “quotes” were nearly impossible to reconcile with any part of the Greek or Hebrew. Plus they have some rather embarrassing calculation errors and some financial/economic concepts that are just flat wrong. I have written them a long letter concerning my objections. They said they would consider my objections when they prepare the next edition of their training manual.
    2) To me, they seem to be more in the publishing business than in the business of helping people get out of debt. Go to their website and look at the huge number of publications offered. How can a person know which one or two books will be of most benefit to them? Or do you have to buy 100 of them to benefit – a helpful piece here and a helpful piece there? Do the basic principles change so new books are always needed? I doubt it.
    I’m not saying that no one is helped by their program, but it could be greatly improved.

    I think you are on the right track with Dave Ramsey.

    For do-it-yourselfers Dave’s materials are probably very good or even great if you cannot attend a session of FPU. I love to listen to him on a local radio station.

    In addition, there’s Mary Hunt of Debt-Proof Living. You may have heard of her publications known as Cheapskate Monthly. She only has five books listed on Amazon and their titles are specific enough for you to be able to tell if it applies to you or not. There is even a Cheapskate cookbook. Like Dave, I think she’s on the right track.

    • Ol’ Will – I have no personal experience with Crown, only what I’ve heard from those who have done their classes at a church. I do find their web site less intuitive and more sales driven than Dave’s.

  3. I have facilitated 3 FPU classes and am coming up on #4. I am a one on one financial coach serving CT and Dave refers people in my area to me. Money fights and money problems is THE NUMBER ONE cause of divorce. It is VITAL that you get on the same page with one another and that that page is Go’ds way of handling money. I am in contact with several of Dave’s team regularly and I can vouch for their integrity and professionalism. Crown has a great heart but I have found their advice to be too inconsistent. Dave and Crown are good friends I know.
    Crown leans much more on the Bible and less on the practical instruction. Dave is the flip side while still being biblically based BUT the new updated FPU that launches next month in August has changed that and it is now both practical and includes much more Scripture in its presentation. I highly PLEAD with you all to get into FPU. It’s a lifetime membership and over 2 million people have gone through it. It’s required for all humanity in my opinion.
    As a side note I do not get paid anything for the above. I just believe in it that much!

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