Are you working to be who you want to be?

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That is not who I want to be!

I caught myself today being something/someone other than who I really want to be. It was not a big thing, I doubt my wife or son even thought about it. But I realised it was not who I want to be, not how I want to act. I want to be different, better, more giving and understanding, less taking and complaining.

I made a mental note of the moment, in hopes it would help me to do differently the next time I am in a similar situation. Given my reaction was common for me, I know I have a battle to make this change. If I want in enough, I will manage to change.

Ever catch yourself being other than you want to be?

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3 Comments on “Are you working to be who you want to be?

  1. “If I want in enough, I will manage to change”, a light bulb is briliant and bright but lacks the power to screw itself in or flip the switch on. be careful.

    • richard – You are correct, that is an incomplete thought. John, below has the rest of it. God can do this in me, but only if I want it enough.

  2. If we have never caught ourselves being or action in a way other than what we want to be then we are either extremely self centered or a liar, especially if a man has any type of relationship with God. I like your last comment and I believe it is the key to allowing God to change us – we must want it enough to be willing to change.

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