Does it really matter?

Man with magnifying glass © Dennis Owusu-ansah | Dreamstime.comHow often do you get upset about minor things? How often do you complain when it’s just not important? How often do you make an “observation” (a passive aggressive way of complaining I think) when you should just ignore the situation?

Maybe I am asking if you are wound a bit too tight, or if you are too rigid. Do you care too much about unimportant things? Are you too concerned about making those around you, especially your bride, conform to your idea of how things should be?

I’m not saying nothing should matter to you. I am suggesting when too much matters living with us is difficult.

Do too many things matter to you too much?

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Image Credit: © Dennis Owusu-ansah |

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6 Comments on “Does it really matter?

  1. ouch – home run! this is me I think… it’s a tricky one though. I often wander why my wife doesn’t notice what I notice, and feel upset that she doesn’t ‘bother’ in the same way that I do… like all of these types of character, I can only change myself. Thanks for all that you do on TGH – it really makes a difference.

  2. I ask myself, at times, will this be important five years from now. I then make my decision on comments from that perspective. If it won’t be important five years from now, I drop it. MIKE

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