Can you let it slide?

Man on a water slide © Atm2003 | Dreamstime.comIf you bring up every minor thing that bothers you, you won’t be any fun. If you do that with your bride, she will not want to be around you! On the other hand, if you never mention things that bother you, it will eat you alive inside, or one day you will explode and rant like a mad man. None of these options is healthy for your marriage!

When something bothers you, decide if it bothers you enough you should say something. Also look at how often you are expressing displeasure; if it’s several times a day, you may need to change your level for something being worthy of complaint.

On a deeper level, you might ask yourself if it should bother you. Is the reason it bothers you buried in your past? If so, can you do something about it? Maybe you just too picky and you should change? Are you picking on your bride about little thing to avoid discussing bigger problems? Do you pick on her to keep her off-balance, or keep her under control, or as retaliation for something she did to you?

Bonus: A comment just left included a link to an article that fits nicely with the above – Of Gnats and Other Annoyances: Moral Principles 

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