Okay, I see I have a problem, now what?

© New Creation PublishingSeveral times in the last two weeks I have mentioned our past can mess up our present. Seeing this is happening to you is good, but it usually does not change anything. Patterns become deeply ingrained, and can be difficult to change. It takes a lot of focus and hard work to change patterns, especially our go to reactions and emotions when we are tired, frustrated, stressed or otherwise not at our best.

I do know a short cut for dealing with the past and being less driven by the past – Theophostic Prayer Ministry, or TPM. I’ve seen some amazing changes in people who have done this, including long-term freedom from eating disorders and going from hating sex to wanting and enjoying sex.

I’m sure some here have heard TPM is a cult, or unbiblical. There are some who have ugly accusations about TPM, but from what I have seen most of those are not valid arguments with what TPM is and does. There are some out there who claim to be doing TPM who are doing something else, and using them to “judge” TPM is like judging all Christians based on what some white supremacist group says.

I’ve had a good deal of TPM training, and was in the audience for the taping of the of the “difficult cases” videos. I don’t do TPM as I am unwilling to limit myself to what one must limit themselves to in order to call what they are doing TPM, but much of what they do is in my bag of tricks. TPM is very similar to what Lori and I did as we dealt with things on our own shortly after we got married.

If you or your bride have things from your past that keep hurting your present, TPM can be a powerful tool. Check out this lengthy explanation of TPM and go from there.

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