Forget perfect, it’s rarely necessary.

freedigitalphotos.netA while back I read a great blog post by Michael Hyatt – Embrace Permanent Beta and Launch. I just applied this in the day job with a new website we’ve been working on. On Monday afternoon the new site still had a few issues, but it was far better than the old site. So rather than fuss with the new site, hidden away from the world until it was “perfect” I urged we launch. Yes, it will be a week till it’s 100% – but for the end-user the experience is much better than if we’d not changed. We will put off the “big announcement” till it’s closer to perfect, but letting folks in now was better for them.

In other words, we put aside our pride and did what was best for those we serve. What might marriage look like if we could learn to do this with our spouses – put aside our pride and do what’s best for her? What if we learned to give her good now instead of nothing now with a promise of perfect later? What if we learned to accept good now, instead of demanding perfection which results in being told “later”?

Marriage should be more of a journey than a destination; learn to embrace beta and live your marriage now.

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