Without a vision, the marriage perishes

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Seek and you shall find!

Recently in the comments, someone asked me about my motivation to make changes that lead to a better marriage. That’s an interesting story…

I grew up with parents who loved each other, did not fight, stayed together, and had a better than average marriage. However, it was not a great marriage. Honestly I can’t say I ever saw a great marriage before I got married, but I was convinced there was something far better than I had ever seen. I did not believe it, I knew it. I knew it beyond any doubt, and I was determined to do whatever it took to have that kind of marriage. I married a lady who did not share my confidence in what could be, but did share my drive to do everything possible to make it as good as possible. It was not easy, but it was certainly worth it! Today we have a fantastic marriage, and it just keeps getting better.

Why was I so sure a couple could have an awesome marriage when I’d never seen it? I can only blame God; I think He put it in my heart. When and how it happened I could not say; I certainly knew it by the age of eighteen. As for why God put it in my heart, I think it was for far more than just so I could have a good marriage. His putting it in me is no small part of why I do what I do here and in other corners of the web.

My encouragement to you is that when it comes to marriage there is more than you have seen, and more than you have been told. It is not easy, but you can have a fantastic marriage, and it is more than worth the effort. I pray the Lord will put that truth deep in your heart and give you the faith to seek it. In the Old Testament the Lord likens His relationship with His chosen people to that of husband and wife. Jesus calls the Church His bride. Paul also speaks of marriage as an earthy example of what we will have with God. I realise all analogies eventually fail, but surely, God intended human marriages to be a far better example of what we have with Him than most of what we see today. 

Image Source: © Kshatry | Dreamstime.com

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