The time emergency fund

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Still think a time budget is impossible? Think you cannot say no often enough to avoid things that will destroy the budget? You need an emergency time fund.

You can’t store time away to spend it later, but you can build your time budget with enough unscheduled time to cover most time emergencies. Have things you like to do in mind for those empty blocks of time, but don’t lock them in. Be flexible with emergency fund blocks of time and you can keep to your time budget in all but extreme situations.

This idea fits very well with the book Margin which I have started to read this week. I agree 100% with the author that a lack of margin is hurting our bodies and our relationships. The thing about this book is those who most need it are the ones who will not have the time for it!

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2 Comments on “The time emergency fund

  1. Andy Stanley preached a brilliant series about margin, in your relationships, time, and money. Knowing how large a margin you need, and allowing for that, is a great stress reliever!

  2. I also started reading this book. So far, it’s been good. Looking to the payoff of a little less stress. I don’t expect this to be a magic pill, but part of the process.

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