The Get Out of Town Fund

The last few days my bride and I have been on a mini vacation. Because of Dave Ramsey, this is the shortest and lowest cost vacation we have had in a very long time, but it is still a much needed break – especially since we each just finished a total revamp of a web site (mine for the day job, hers as a way of giving to a ministry we support).

I am a big believer in the need to get away together. Even if you have to beg family and friends to take the kids, pack an ice chest, and drive 50 miles, you need to get away as a couple. If you can never find the money for a vacation, start a get-out-of-town fund. Figure out what you would need for a few days, and divide by 52 (weeks in a year) or however often you want to get away, and start saving. Get a glass jar, and put in the necessary money each week, no matter what. Do not raid the jar for anything short of life or death medical events, and start looking forward to your vacation.

You can get to a vacation faster, or get a better buy for your money, by keeping an eye on websites that offer deals on hotels. If you can get time off mid-week, you can usually get better rates on flying, rental cars, and hotels by avoiding weekends. Weekdays may also be easier if your kids are in school.

If you drop the cost of a St. Arbucks into the jar every other day, you will have enough for a decent three-night trip in a year or less.

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  1. And if you can swing it, Sunday nights are often discounted at bed & breakfast inns and such. That is perhaps their slowest night. I have found great deals in the past. This timing works well if you are a pastor.

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