Meet me at the fire pit

fire pit | freedigitalphotos.netI finally got the fire pit set up in the back yard, and my bride and I spent some time out there last night. Not as great as sitting at the beach, but very nice. Something about being outside relaxes the body and refreshes the spirit. We talked a bit, watched the flames, looked at the stars, listened to the crickets and frogs, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It was far better for us than spending the same amount of time in front of the TV!

Maybe a fire pit isn’t your thing, or maybe it’s not an option. But there has to be some way you and your bride can spend some time together outside after the sun sets.

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4 Comments on “Meet me at the fire pit

  1. We love sitting on our porch and watching the wildlife… But we’ve had to put it on hold till cooler weather! It’s just too darn hot down here in southeast Texas in August! I enjoy your blog so much!

  2. Yes, it’s too hot for us to be outside unless we’re floating in the pool. And we have the beach only an hour away, which we LOVE to do from sunrise to sunset.
    So glad you and Lori had a nice evening together.

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