Focus more on the little things?

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Is it the big things or little things in life that most determine our happiness? According How to Dodge Buyer’s Remorse, a blog post with some good sources listed, it’s the little things.

In other words happiness comes from the small pleasures in life. By the same token it’s the little hassles that are most apt to get us down.”

This many seem counter-intuitive, but as I look at myself, and those around me, I see it is true. Big things may give us a larger boost in happiness, but they don’t last long. A steady trickle of small joys is much better at making us happy. By the same token, we usually survive a major bad event, but crumble under a steady drip of small annoyances and problems.

Maybe we need to focus more on the little things.

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2 Comments on “Focus more on the little things?

  1. I and my still very new wife have been reading this site since my aunt and uncle told us about it when they came to visit this last month.Any how this article spoke about the little things well it’s the little things that seem to set that two days of silent treatment amongst us any advice out there cause I love her dearly and don’t want things to go south on us.

    • Justin Jackson – Two days of silent treatment is a very bad sign. Refusing to speak is a very immature way of dealing with anything, and it’s not going to help build a better marriage. I suggest you seek some help ASAP so that the two of you can learn to communicate effectively.

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